Pros And Treatments Of Autism

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Treatments: There is no medical detection or cure for autism (“Facts about Autism”). There are, however, many treatment methods that parents can follow to be able to give the best possible experience for their child. “Treatments should be based on your child’s needs. From there you can prioritize when, where and under conditions each treatment program would be used” (Robinson 110). Robinson lists a bunch of treatment possibilities that are open to autistic children: “Educational options, behavioral therapy, and medical recommendations, etc” (Robinson 111). Education is a major factor of one’s life. It gives the child the ability to function properly, outside of school and in life. Educational options for autistic children are a high concern for anyone involved in the child’s life. A major concern is finding a school that will accommodate for the child and benefit the child. The ideal school should provide the following…show more content…
Early in childhood, the individual may experience difficulties with the inability to communicate efficiently, promoting low self-esteem. But, even with this, there is the possibility of the individual’s symptoms getting better — not disappearing — as he/she gets older. Klin provides a statistic that shows that “approximately two thirds of autistic children have a poor outcome (unable to live independently), with perhaps only one third able to achieve some degree of personal independence and self-sufficiency as adults; among these the majority may have a fair outcome (social, educational or vocational gain despite behavioral and other difficulties), whereas a minority (about a tenth of all individuals with autism) may have a good outcome (have a successful work placement and independent living)”

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