Pros And Disadvantages Of Technology

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Is technology a blessing or a curse? Technological innovations play a major role in changing the human lifestyle. They have brought favorable changes in terms of advancement in medical, educational, economical, and other various fields in society. But along with the advantageous changes brought by technology come the disadvantageous changes, which often lead many people to reject technological advancement due to their gravity. Addiction to phones, overuse of the internet, and negative influences of media are three of the many unfavorable effects of technology on humanity.

A significant role that technology has played in the human life is that it has caused people to use the internet often. Due to the advancement in technology, the internet has become a place where people can acquire any type of information that they need. This makes people rely on the internet whenever they need information and causes them to think narrowly about what the actual information that they are looking for is. The internet has caused people to become dumber and shallower thinkers. Since the information is already available in front of them, they do not use their mental abilities to dive into the information and reach to conclusions. Psychological effects such as depression, loneliness, and rage can also be observed in individuals who use the internet excessively. Carr (2010) wrote in his article that the less concentrated people in a given task are the ones who were continuously distracted with email and other messages. In other words, it can be said that while performing a task through the internet, the wide options available to the users divert their attention. For instance, if a person decides to read an online book instead of the traditional hard ...

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...and disregard their priorities. Although media can grant its users with information and entertainment, it can also drive them away from their responsibilities with the addiction that comes along with using it.

Technology, with its great advancements and developments, has brought many advantageous changes onto humanity. But along with that, technology has inflicted negative effects on its users, such as addiction to mobile phones, constant use of the internet, and negative influences of media. By constantly using cell phones, people have become addicted to them and are unable to function without them. Overusing the internet has rendered people dumber and shallower thinkers. Media has caused its users to become addicted and has negatively influenced their lifestyles. It can be clearly seen that technology is a double-edged sword that should be wielded wisely.
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