Pros And Disadvantages Of Encryption

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Encryption plays a big role with the safety now in day because everything is now done digitally and it helps it be more confidential. This prevent “hackers”, well it’ll be difficult for them to open the gateway to get all the confidential information someone wanted to hide. The disadvantage is that drug dealer and sex trafficker can make money by making the encryptions and that’s where they have people wire the money and it’s untraceable unless cracked. Encryption is playing a big role in the world because people use it for protection in their important usage or for government purposes and others use it for the dark web to transfer their illegal money to be untraceable. The basic use of encryption is to have a message and wanting to protect…show more content…
The reason encryption has a disadvantage is because “[It’s] a pathway for cybercrime, used by child pornography, drug dealer and sex traffickers to hide their illegal dealing” (Clemmitt). This is the disadvantage because of the way people use the encryption to do their illegal work and make untraceable. The child pornography is the worst thing someone can do because that is being sick from the head and they are able to publish it and not get tracked down due to encryptions. This is bad, and the people can easily buy this because the encryption always improves because they innovated it. This dark web is where anything can happen because it’s a store that is protected by encryption. This makes it hard to track and harder to shut down because they would have to find the key to open that gateway and get access to shutting down the…show more content…
This the other disadvantage that will help them continue their dark web sales because they are being protected. When the Microsoft President stated, “We will assist and protect customers everywhere” (Clemmitt). This shows that they will always have their computer satisfy the costumers. So, that means whatever the customers are requesting they will do anything to fulfil their request, so that is helping them. Also, the wanting to make their money they are willing to do things to make their sales still and be able to make money. The customer that like to encrypt are always going to get the best computer that’s on sale or buy the parts to make their own. That is why they must respect the customers’ needs and that is the downfall on Microsoft on the way they use the computer for. Also, with president also saying, “We will not aid in attacking customers anywhere” (Clemmitt). This shows that they will still make it government free when they are trying to break an encryption by any means. So, that means when they want to break an encrypted file it would be harder because Microsoft isn’t helping the government. This helps the hackers do what they must do without them knowing them that the government can easily catch them. This deals with encryption on how they are helping the people that use it for bad reason like the dark web. It’s just going to

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