Pros And Consequences Of Counseling

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If the victim continues to feel emotionally damaged and feels like programs or organizations are not a good alternative, the victim can always seek counseling. Counseling is a one on one therapy that is more personal and will help the victim empathize the problem they are facing with the counselor. It will allow the victim to mediate with the counselor and find alternatives to the situation.The counselor can be a source to talk to the parents and the principal to take further actions towards the bully or harasser. When the situation is put in the hands of the principal, he or she has to determine who is involved in the problem, whether it was the actual bully/harasser themselves and, or the peers piling on to the problem. Either way consequences need to be determined for both the bully and the peers piling on. Though it may not seem like the bully/harasser is the main attacker, the peers piling on bystanding have an affect on…show more content…
It is continuing the act of bullying, liking or commenting back on a post or picture of the victim that piles on and affects the victim causing what is known as digital pile on. This action will not only make the victim feel hurt, but it will also make them ashamed and that everyone agrees because of the liking and sharing of the comment or picture. When the victim sees this going on it makes them feel that everyone is against them at school and social media, and that no one said anything till the bully decided to share their hateful opinion. The victim will become embarrassed at school towards classmates because of the comments shared on social media. Isolation is created from the victim because of the bully and the peers who decided to share opinions toward a picture or post. It will cause insecurities and doubts about oneself and society around them and how it affects the inner
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