Pros And Cons: The Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

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The debate over whether to keep the production genetically modified organisms, or to cease it all together. They help many countries around the world with low food sources, due to climate and other hindrances. With GMO’s aiding countries in need, it will have a helping hand for the availability of more food. These crops and livestock promote ideal solutions to nutrition, world hunger and the environment. With all that being said, GMO foods are one of the most frowned upon food sources in the world. We asked the question “How Does the Ever-Increasing Need for GMO’s affect the Food Industry in the States, and Abroad?” And what are some of the pros, cons, and ways of containment of GMO’s?
Benefits of GMO’s
Biotechnology has
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Genetically modified organisms are known to carry many risks along with its benefits. Many studies have shown that eating new genetically modified organisms cause more allergic reactions found in people some of the reason is even if people don’t consume GMO crops. Animals are being fed GMO products such as soy beans, and corn then the animal is consumed by us. Many GMO’s pose great environmental damage by crossbreeding with weeds. This is a threat because most genetically modified crops are made to be herbicide resistance, when cross-breeding happens the weeds also become resistant to herbicides making it easier for them to spread. The time for the genetically modified organisms to grow is generally about the same amount of time as non-genetically modified organisms. One of the biggest cons to GMO is that no one really knows if they are safe for consumption. Studies have been done but in some cases there is a risk of cancer. Also pesticides have been found in some of the genetically modified crops. This leads to more toxins in our bodies which can lead to more cancer diagnosis. With all of these risks the concern of genetically modified organisms is still growing. Figure 2 shows a general idea of consumer’s feelings towards…show more content…
It is important that we safeguard the environment by continuing the separation of genetically modified organisms from the organisms that exist outside the grasp of genetic engineering, in the natural environment. In truth, there’s a lot to feel good about in the way modern agriculture is shaping up to the big challenges of the present – reducing carbon emissions, preventing soil erosion and minimizing any environmental damage by herbicides and pesticides (Roush). Doing this will secure the future of
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