Pros And Cons On The Death Penalty

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Some of the latest data shows that slightly over 60 percent of people in the U.S. favor the death penalty (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). Whether you favor the death penalty or not, there are pros and cons that influence our thoughts on this form of punishment. Also, there is no consistency across the country where some states no longer allow the death penalty and the states that do have various ways to legally implement the punishment (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015).

Some of the pros would include the following:
1. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled the death penalty is constitutional (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015).
2. The fear of receiving the death penalty would be enough to deter committing a crime punishable by this method (Schmalleger & Smykla,
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Supreme Court Justice John Stevens stated that since 1973, one hundred and thirty death row inmates had been vindicated and freed (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). DNA testing has been instrumental in clearing convicted inmates on death row (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). The first was a former Marine named Kirk Bloodworth. The nature of the crime he was convicted of was incredibly violent and heinous which caused political pressure to solve the crime quickly (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). After rapidly being convicted and put on death row, it was DNA evidence that exonerated him and was also used to catch the actual offender (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015).

The fact that innocent people are wrongfully executed or put on death row for years would qualify as a con for using the death penalty and the following are some others:
1. There is no evidence that shows the death penalty is more effective at deterring crimes than using other punishments (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015).
2. It violates human rights and is immoral (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015).
3. This form of punishment is not fairly sentenced depending on race (Schmalleger & Smykla,
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