Pros And Cons Of Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act

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Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) legislation has been the subject of much controversy in recent times. Following the incidents involving Motorcycle gangs, and in particular the highly publicised Motorcycle gang brawl “Bikie Brawl” on the Gold Coast in 2013, the then Queensland Government implemented a criminal organisation clause in Queensland’s Criminal Code (1899) and took a particularly tough stance to crack down on all participants affiliated with criminal organisations and particularly those involved in motorcycle gang activity. Anti-Motorcycle gang laws have always caused controversy. They balance the fine line in taking the means in order to protect the citizens of Queensland but in doing this; can also possibly breach human rights, which are essential for every human being. The VLAD laws, do not meet the needs of, protect, or operate effectively in society. This…show more content…
The act was implemented and aimed to, “severely punish members and affiliates of criminal organisation that commit serious offences” (Barnes, 2013). The legislation was approved on the 16th of October 2013 and was immediately implemented. The Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act or ‘VLAD’ laws act on the disestablishment of associations that support, encourage and foster persons who commit serious crime, (VLAD, 2013). This piece of legislation applies to criminal organisations and “any other group of 3 or more persons by whatever name called, whether associated formally or informally and whether the group is legal or illegal” (VLAD, 2013). The act declares a person to be a, ‘vicious lawless associate’, if one is to commit a serious offence. If a person is declared to be a “vicious lawless associate”, this act orders a 15 year imprisonment on top of the sentence for the crime or members of the

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