Pros And Cons Of Vaccines

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Question: Should vaccines be required for all children? Introduction: The thought of a large needle going into your arm is a frightening image people are often scared of and wish to avoid. However, what if that exact needle could save your life? In today’s society, it is debated whether parents should vaccinate their young children unaware of the full consequences of their decision. Parents desire ways to keep their children safe, but there is a divide in society on what is the ethical thing to do. Although vaccinations are though to protect children, parents argue that sometimes they do the opposite. Thesis: Children should be required to get vaccinations because it protects them from future exposure to harmful diseases, protects those around them and strengthens…show more content…
Risk Analysis, 34(3), 541-555 doi:10.1111/risa.12114 This scholarly journal article focuses primarily on vaccinations in the United States, and explains the pros and cons of immunization. This article examines how most of the information we know about vaccines is based on predispositions influenced by society and our culture. Geoboo Song works at the University of Arkansas as an assistant professor in the subject area of political science and public policy. He studies the way which people interpret risks relating to a certain topic and how it affects members of society. Song has done plenty of research, one of the topics being childhood vaccinations which makes this a credible source to base my study upon. Although this article was written based upon the United States, concerns regarding immunization are a worldwide problem and similar opinions about vaccinations are expressed in other parts of the world. Since this article includes how people are predisposed to think a certain way about vaccines, I can use this information to discuss the importance of consulting a certified doctor before coming to any absurd conclusions regarding immunizations. Search

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