Pros And Cons Of Vaccine

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Immunization is Key Vaccines used to be considered a normal part of childhood, like restroom training, and teaching children how to brush their teeth. Unfortunately, nowadays, vaccines have become a very major issue because parents do not want their children to be vaccinated due to safety concerns. Most of these concerns come from information they have acquired from social media or from friends. This seems crazy, considering the fact that vaccines prevent more than two point five million deaths each year. While others may argue that vaccines can cause serious side effects, vaccines should be mandatory because they can save children’s lives, save other people around them, and help rid the world of diseases. Ever since the invention of vaccines, they have prevented millions of cases of diseases. Vaccines are biological preparations that…show more content…
Without vaccines, there would be many little children running around sick. Diseases can be very painful and sometimes deadly, this is why children get vaccinated, so they do not have to worry about catching a disease and dealing with the symptoms. Some parents prefer not to vaccinate their child, because they are misinformed on the vaccines or see bad things on social media about it. The truth is they are just putting their child in danger by not getting them vaccinated. An instance that was recorded by the National Network for Immunization stated that, “A couple in Tennessee, confused about vaccines safety because of what they read on the internet, decided to delay their daughter’s vaccinations. Later, the baby girl was stricken with a form of Meningitis that could have been prevented by a vaccine” (Meyers). This couple probably learned from their mistakes, and hopefully others around them will learn to give vaccines to their children without hesitation. This is why it is important to vaccinate children because it does save the lives of
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