Pros And Cons Of Vaccination

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Should children get vaccinated
Parents should vaccinate their children because, getting vaccinated will decrease the risk for community immunity. Vaccination will lower viruses throughout schools, workplace and daycares. Vaccination will lower viruses throughout schools, workplace and daycares. Vaccination will also allow children to enjoy their childhood interacting with others.
During this time of year, this is when all the germ bugs well better known as viruses begin to travel from place to place, person to person and object to object. Why ? because some fail to vaccinate. New and improved medical science protects your child from diseases. People fail to realize just how important getting the people that you surround yourself around to
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With all the different types of diseases going around now it is better to get your children vaccinated early. Protecting your children 's life is important and the others around you. Knowing that the people around you including your children are and can be at risk of being sickly will have you wanting to make sure that they are well taken care of health wise. Always have a scheduled vaccination, it allows your child 's immune system to keep track of the harmful viruses that tries to keep attacking it. (“Center for Disease control and prevention 's” .) It is always a good thing to always have appointments set up ahead of time. (“Centers for Disease control and…show more content…
Vaccines can prevent the loss of an arm, leg, paralysis limb or even hearing loss. Some diseases that were once alive are now gone or almost gone due to being vaccinated and getting vaccines when you’re scheduled to. (“Importance of Vaccines: Top ten reasons”) Society wonder that if immigrants are the main reason for these viruses. That is why people should vaccinated. Universal vaccination against Polio has eliminated the disease from North America, Europe and South America but until Polio is gone for good there’s always going to be the possibility that Polio could come back to the United State. (Seals, Robert). Vaccines are recommended by doctors for ages 2,4,6,12 and 18 months and at the age of 4 years old. Vaccines are needed to be given a few times to make sure that it ensures long lasting protection to the bodies immune system to protect it from viruses. School aged children from the ages 10-15 years old is recommended. Up to eight vaccines may be given at one time in order to reduce the number of those vaccines some are combined together. The vaccines that are combined is for infants those vaccines are called diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles, mumps and rubella. Chicken pox, diphtheria, hepB, Hpv, tetanus and whooping cough is for the ages 10-15 years of age is recommended for up to date immunization. (“ABC health and

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