Pros And Cons Of Vaccination

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In the United States, for many years vaccine was developed to prevent disease such as smallpox and later control the spread of rubella, and polio as well as various diseases. Vaccination as played an intricate role in public health efforts to prevent illness and combat diseases. However, as time changes, so does societal views. Many people have negative assumption about vaccination, and do not view it as a human rights issue, which mandates everyone to be given the same vaccination to prevent sickness and diseases. As a result, countless of people have declined the method of vaccination. Why mothers’ of daughters would refrain their child from receiving the cervical cancer vaccine? Are mothers protecting their daughters or are mothers’ hurting…show more content…
Why are there so many controversies about a vaccine that should dramatically reduce the prevalent cases of cancer? The Indiana Health study examines, the HPV vaccine had significantly affected those people who are in poverty as well as race disparities. Sadly, African-American and Hispanic women are more probable to cancer. Often times, it is the lack of health awareness and infrequent visits to the doctor due to financial adversities. Nevertheless, one of the ethical questions parents face, is the horrifying fear of condoning sex before marriage or giving their daughters the right to engaged in multiple sex partners. The HPV vaccine also infringes on the parental rights with their daughters because of the ethical principle associated with HPV. Ultimately, parental rights are then left upon the relationship of trust with their daughters to believe that having the HPV vaccination at an early age will not increase the possibility of sex. Many parents who are aware of the HPV vaccine are more reluctant to have their daughters vaccinated. This reluctancy is based on the mothers’ fear of their daughters developing a cervical cancer. In The Journal of Law and Policy, candidate Michele Bachman stated during the 2011 United States presidential debate, “That the vaccine was “dangerous.” She…show more content…
However, having children vaccinated is vital to the environment and eliminate the numbers of death that is sweeping across our nation. Although, there are many laws in place governing vaccinations for school age children in the United States. Many of these law often restrict girls from becoming vaccinating. Issues ranging from religion, medical, and lack of interest. One law is religion based upon a parent faith, the child may be exempt from receiving the vaccine. This fosters more sickness and diseases. Despite the fact, many states such as Taxes, Washington DC, and New York are creating awareness in preventing cervical cancer in girls. In New York, bill number (1822) was passed in 2008. This bill would encourage parents by providing educational material and consultation to fight against HPV for school age children. In addition, for children born before the year 1996 will be mandated to receive the HPV
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