Pros And Cons Of Vaccination

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Medical research and healthcare costs are just one thing that people want to know what is going on about it. Scientists have tried for years to come up with cures for people and their diseases, helping mankind. But scientists are determined to convince people in America to get vaccines and let their children get vaccines.
Medical research has been helping people for many years with the research, cures, and medicine that is provided to Americans everyday (Adams,Lizbeth). Medical research is something that many doctors and scientists spend numerous amount of hours doing. They spend every minute making a vaccination better, or faster, they also spend time making new vaccinations. People in America do not see all the time and hard work that
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The amount of children who are not getting the vaccinations that they need for school is increasing super fast. The school system is getting really worried that the children that are coming in to the school without a vaccination are putting even more kids at risk of getting sick. School systems are starting to really push the fact that kids get the recommended vaccinations for school before they are allowed to learn at the school.
Without the recommended vaccines for a child to go to school or anywhere we are putting other people at serious risk for harmful diseases. Vaccines are rather safe for people to use and to let their children have but like anything else a vaccine has multiple side effects (Moran,
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Taking medicine without reading a warning or asking about the warning is the American people 's job. Without knowing the possible side effects of a medicine it is dangerous to use that medicine. Vaccinations should not be blamed because people have a side effect to them or they get sick after they get a vaccination. Vaccinations are caused to help reduce the amount of people getting sick. Vaccinations are not created to instantaneously solve a sickness with a person but made to help that person from getting the sickness again. Many vaccinations like the measles vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine are made to last a person’s entire life. Other vaccines are made to last in a person 's body for many years but call for periodic shots (pinero,
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