Pros And Cons Of Universal Health Care

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Resolution: The US should implement universal healthcare. The US should not implement universal healthcare for a variety of reasons. Healthcare should be an option to citizens. Although opponents say healthcare is a right, in truth it is not. The effects of universal healthcare are detrimental. Young healthy people are going to carry the burden of healthcare. Government run programs are not efficient enough to run a private sector as big as health insurance. Competition, individual ingenuity, and profits have always led to effectiveness and greater cost control. Less students will want to pursue a profession in the medical field. Healthcare is going to cost America billions of dollars and people will go to the doctors for minor illnesses which will lessen the time doctors have for serious patients. First, mandatory Health Insurance is not something I agree with nor do the majority of Americans. 67% of Americans describe the US healthcare as being in a state of crisis or having major problems. Most of them believe in personal responsibility and freedom of choice. The government has no right to interfere in the personal lives of the individuals. If a person elects to not carry health insurance, that burden is theirs to bear. It is a human right that no one be subject to medical treatment without their consent and it is nothing more than theft to force someone who has no desire to seek medical treatment to carry. According to many people, it’s the government’s job to provide healthcare. Healthcare is NOT a right. Individuals have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It follows that rights are the rights to actions, not rewards from other people. The idea of healthcare as a “right” is a complete opposite with t... ... middle of paper ... ... and other illnesses. It becomes better at fighting illnesses by itself overtime if there are no antibiotics. Treating the symptoms can just help the real problem continue because antibiotic resistant bacteria can emerge. In conclusion, universal healthcare in the United States can be easily summed up in one quote. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I understand supporters of Obamacare want to help the uninsured but it will hurt everyone in the end. Although Obamacare may solve many problems in our healthcare system, it will end up doing more good than bad. For example the cost to insure 48 million Americans is having more than 100 million people lose their health insurance because their insurance does not comply to Obama Care regulations. For these several contentions I have been saying before, I urge you to help me stop Obamacare in it’s roots.
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