Pros And Cons Of Unhappy Marriage

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Marriage is A Choice
When a couple decides to sign the divorce papers, they should consider the consequences that may affect their children afterwards. Having parents who stayed married has impacted my life tremendously, and I will forever be grateful to live my life with parents who did not give up on each other, no matter what life threw at them. Marriage is the union of two people who are willing to vow to spend the rest of their lives together, but sometimes things do not always go as planned.
Even though divorce is an option, and while there are pros and cons to having divorced parents, there are also pros and cons of having parents who stayed together. Having parents who stayed married has many benefits, especially when it comes to raising
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All marriages have their ups and downs, but raising children in an unhappy home can negatively affect their well-being. Because unhappy parents tend to argue quite often, children may start to feel emotionally traumatized. With that being said, divorce should be an option. Children who are raised with unhappy argumental parents are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and emotional issues. When it comes to living with divorced parents, it can be hard on children if their parents have different discipline rules and raise them differently than each other. A child who is living with non-biological parents, such as a step father or mother, is also more likely to suffer from physical and sexual abuse. Even though divorce seems like it will do nothing good towards children, there are parents who can still act civil towards each other and agree on certain things which ensures their children will generally be more happy.
Throughout high school and elementary school, I have had many friends who have divorced parents and it has affected them positively and negatively. Sometimes when parents get divorced their children feel as if it was their fault and they wonder if they could have done anything to make their parents fall back in love again. Parents are two people who are supposed to show their children what true love looks like and when they get divorced, children tend to not take it very lightly. One of my friends who has divorced parents absolutely dreads having to go back and forth weekly between her two
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