Pros And Cons Of Troubled Adolescents

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Troubled Adolescents: Adolescent Pregnancy In 2012, 3,958,000 babies were born in the United States of America and 305,420 of these babies were born to adolescent mothers. One in five of these babies that were born were not the first pregnancy for the adolescent mother. (Trends in Teen Pregnancy and Childbearing) An adolescent is a female who has reached puberty but has not fully matured yet and is nineteen years old or younger. The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate compared to the other western and civilized countries such as Germany, France, and the Netherlands. (Adolescent Sexual Health in Europe and the United States) Teenagers who have children not only put themselves at risk but also their unborn infant. Female adolescents who have children have higher risks of medical complications since an adolescent’s body is not fully matured. The female human body is fully matured at the age of eighteen. (Puberty – Becoming a Woman) Adolescents who become pregnant are at risk for pre-term delivery, delivering the before thirty-seven weeks of gestation from the last menstrual period. Pregnant adolescents, out of all maternal age groups, are less likely to receive early and regular prenatal care. Also, adolescents have a higher risk to contract sexually transmitted diseases or infections that can lead to pre-term and low birth weight infants. (Valdez) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is the highest for infants who have been born to adolescents. Also, if an adolescent has more then one child the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome becomes higher with each child that is born. (Reducing the Risk of SIDS) Infants who are born to adolescents have higher risks of medical complications as well. Low birth infants, born under five p... ... middle of paper ... ...l is the highest as well in the United States compared to the other civilized and western countries. In the United States the adolescent pregnancy rate is over four times of that in the Netherlands and three times of that in Germany and France. The birth rate is eight times higher in the United States compared to the birth rate in the Netherlands. What is it that the other countries do differently than the United States even though all countries are western and civilized countries? (Adolescent Sexual Health in Europe and the United States) Western and Northern Europe societies are more accepting of sexuality and the policies in those countries have been created to where sexual health information and services are available to adolescents. Also, sexuality is a part of the human body and a part of development. (Adolescent Sexual Health in Europe and the United States)

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