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Tipping in the US has always been a controversial topic, and the question that has been continously brought up in every diccussion about this matter is that: Should we abolish the tipping system? With the two article of Eater Staff and Saru Jayaraman, we has given a chance to look into the problem in two opposite standpoint, and in my opinion, Saru Jayaraman article has made it very clear about the negative side of tipping and the point has been backed up by lots of valid evidences and argument, therefore, making me support the idea of banning the tipping system. First and foremost, Saru Jayaraman showed us that he analyze the problem of tipping in an objective view, while on the other hand, Eater make his argument on a personal level,…show more content…
The point has been made is that, when salary has going up and tipping is something that isn’t obligated, customers is the one who gonna get worse service, since the waiters not gonna try hard anymore to please customer for tipping money, therefore indirectly making the service quality going down. The customers, who should have felt good since they didn’t need to bother with “How should I tipped this right?” question, are now actually get a worse service because the waiters don’t even have a reason to care anymore. And it really raise a question: should we ban tipping practice or not? Even though Eater has made an extremely solid point that need to be considered, I still believed that the tipping system should be banned since it’s hurting the society on many other perspectives, and as the waiters now got what they think they’re deserved, they may actually perform a better job and provide better services. After all, you can’t give your 100% if you think you’re robbed by your employer, and we can only see how it gonna turns out if we beginning to treat the matter by applying solutions into real life instead of theorizing about

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