Pros And Cons Of The Federal Budget

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Our military has always been one of the most powerful in the world. In terms of sheer numbers of manpower, weaponry, and stations, the United States military is consider number one. That in itself one of the major problems. When it comes down to it, everything is run through our federal spending. Depending on how our government spends and plans our federal budget means everything to our economy and how well the people live. It is why our military has always been consider bigger and better than any other country in the world. In terms of land, air, and sea, our military dominates them all. It is easy to consider the United States a Militaristic country with how much we glorify the military. Even during the cold war, we created NASA to have the…show more content…
It is best if the Department of Defense gets a budget cut to endorse other important federal funding that have low budgets. To do this, it is best if we look into the military’s federal budget, the budget that we want to endorse, and see how that benefits our society.
The United States always had a massive military. However, the amount the Department of Defense spends is incredibly high and needs to be cut. Now, I am not saying we should cut all of our military budget out, nor am I saying we should decrease the power that our military has. What I am saying is that the government is spending and glorifying the military too much. This causes more of our federal budget to be spent on the military. Since 9/11, after the incident with the twin towers, the United States Department of Defense’s budget has grown from 384 billion dollars to 502 billion dollars from the year 2000 to the year 2014. This is all adjusted to inflation and within those 14 years, the Department of Defense has had an increase of their budget from 118 billion dollars (Congressional Budget Office). These statistic shows how much the Department
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Since everything comes down to money, cutting the pentagram’s military budget helps to improve our economy. “In the short run, military spending can be a source of both physical security and economic stimulus. In the long run, it can be counterproductive in terms of physical security and will be a dead weight on the economy” (Dumas). This is a key thing to note because we have spent so many years providing the military with huge budgets to spend. We as the people give the government this power and ultimately, they decide to use it on military spending. Things such as nuclear warfare as mention earlier are necessary for the future, but if it is consider a last resort, why is there a need to keep continuously increase nuclear program’s budget. The problem with military as well is that it is now consider an overburden because an economy is supposed to provide for the material well-being of the population as a whole (Dumas). To fix this we need to cut back on military funding and give them to programs that does improve the economy such as the Department of Education and the Department of Housing and urban areas. If we get better education, there will be more job opportunity available for people. When people find better income jobs, there will not a huge area of low income masses that have to survive check by check. That being said, there will be better housing opportunity and crime rates would
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