Pros And Cons Of Teen Pregnancy

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Over the year teen pregnancy has went up and down. For ten years it went down, but in 2004 the percentage raised up by three percent. In 2006 among Black and Hispanic teens ages 15-19, there were about 126 pregnancies per 1,000 women, White among with teens, it was 44 per 1,000. In 2008, the national teen pregnancy rate was 68 pregnancies per 1,000 teens, a 42 percent decline from the peak rate of 117 pregnancies per 1,000 women, the lowest since the legalization of abortion in 1973. Oklahoma ranks 26 of all 50 states in the number of teen pregnancies with the rate of 59.6 percent teen pregnancies per 1,000 births. More and more teens get pregnant each day of every month. If you think your ready go to your local Health Department or your doctor and tell them so they can get you set up on birth control. Be safe and use protection.
In 2004, teens accounted for about 11 percent of all the pregnancies among United States women, about 10 percent of the births, and just fewer than 10 percent of the abortions. Also there were 72.2 pregnancies per 1,000 women ages 15 through 19, including 1.6 per 1,000 teens under age 15; 41.5 per 1,000 teens ages 15 through 17; and 118.6 per 1,000 teens ages 18 and 19. From 1990 to 2004 the percentage decreased 38 percent from the ages 15-19, the ages 15 and younger decreased 53 percent, the ages 15-17 decreased 46 percent, and ages 18-19 decreased 30 percent. Teen pregnancy rates dropped in three major ethnic groups yet remained higher for Blacks and Hispanic teens that White. Among teen ages 15-19, the pregnancies rate was: 45 per 1,000 non-Hispanic Whites; 128 per 1,000 non-Hispanic Blacks; 133 per 1,000 Hispanic.
In 2006, it increased for the first time in more than a decade to 71.5 pregnancies p...

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Parent should talk to their kids about safe sex. So your daughter or son won’t be coming home saying your go to be grandparents. You can also go to the local Health Department or to your doctor. Girls or guys don’t be afraid to ask your parent about putting you on birth control or getting you protection. Because if you don’t you will regret not asking. You don’t even have to tell your parent, ask your older siblings or someone that you can talk to.
There are many types of birth control. Your doctor or a nurse at the local Health Department will show you all the different types that there is. There is the birth control patch, Depo-Provera shot, today sponge, Nuva Ring, Femcap, Diaphragm, morning after pill, ortho evra, Implanon, and there are many different birth control pills. There are also many side effects to the types of birth control.
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