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This research paper will explore the history, controversial aspect, people involved, and possible solutions for whether or not you should or should not drink bottled water. It is a proven fact that Americans tend to choose bottled water over tap in belief that it is healthier and safer for you, but what is leading them to this conclusion? What are the people who prefer tap water saying about this? From many years before to many years later, this will always be a great debate where no one can come to a complete verdict on which is the better choice of water. History Tap water has had no competition until the big boom of plastic bottle production. Polyethylene Terephthalate, also known as PET bottles, were created to serve as a clear,…show more content…
The animals, organisms, and the world around us including ourselves somehow all depend on water in some form. Brown 2 Controversy Aspect Each year you hear something new about tap and bottled water because people are steadily trying to prove their point on this prolonged topic. Controversy you may here from pro bottle drinkers include that its tastes better or that it is just way healthier than tap in every way possible. According to, a website where we the people get to debate on various topics and explain why we feel such way, many people felt strongly against tap water because of their standards on water. One user stated in his argument against tap that, "Bottled water is purposefully here for consumption, so its ridiculously safe. It's also more convenient and regulated. It's hard for bottled water to be contaminated with chemicals such as BPA, which interrupts our bodies production. Some bottles also have fluoride in them, a mineral that helps our teeth stay strong." Though you may here those opinions from pro-bottle drinkers, what about pro-tap supporters? Controversy you may hear from them are most likely that its inexpensive and that all water is coming from the same municipal source. Which basically means bottle preferers…show more content…
Also, according to, users argued how it does not have to use plastic People Involved When you think of water you wouldn't think of it as harmful, would you? Just like it plays an important role for our life, it can also be one of many leading causes of problems in our world. First, let's focus on the production of the bottles for said water. Not only does it cost a lot of money to produce, effecting the economy, but what about where these bottles are going. According to The Water Project, 80% of all single use water bottles used in the United States simply become "liter" ending up in landfills across the nation. Let's not even stop there, what Brown 3 about how energy and resources are used to produce the "soon to be wasteful" bottles. According to and Green Garage Blog, 17 million barrels of oil and between 5.6 to 10.2 million joules of energy are used to per liter per year to create these bottles. This is not only affecting our world with pollution of plastic bottles that we can't get rid of easily, but also

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