Pros And Cons Of Standardized Tests

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Standardized tests have been a scourge of student life in America for more than fifty years. Throughout the United States, high school students prepare for months for the day in which they have to take out their No. 2 pencils, to endure four everlasting hours of bubbling-in answers. The ACT, American College Testing, and its counterpart, the SAT, Scholastic Assessment Test, are known as the high school exit exams, in which they have become one of the largest determining factors in the college-admissions process. Both standardized tests judge a student 's performance, in which it measures how well students learned skills to meet state standards. Although standardized tests are meant to measure what one learns in high school in order to determine…show more content…
Although teachers spend a majority of the course getting students ready for these future depending standardized tests, they do not actually teach you. As a student one does not learn, instead, one gains skills on how to achieve a higher score, and that is where teachers fail as mentors to help a student that has to take the ACT or SAT. Furthermore, standardized tests may contain biases that prevent certain groups of students from doing well due to differences in learning styles, cultural diversity, and language barriers. That being said, I believe that standardized tests are not fair toward those in which English is their second language. The majority of English Learning Language students do not perform as well as native English speaker on the standardized tests being used for accountability purpose under the No Child Left Behind. NCLB was created so that schools are held accountable for what students learned throughout the school year. According to Atkinson and Geiser, far from promoting equity and access in college admissions, compared with traditional indications of academic achievement, standardized tests had a more adverse impact on low-income and minority applicants. Standardized tests were closely correlated that other indicators of socioeconomic status and so tended to diminish…show more content…
Students spend the majority of their time preparing for standardized tests, instead of spending their time learning. In addition, standardized tests give students anxiety, and could lead them to want to drop out of high school due to all of the stress. I believe that standardized tests should not carry so much weight in the education system. They should serve as checks of the educational system rather than as a determinant of the future of
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