Pros And Cons Of Spare Part Babies

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This written report focuses on the debate on whether people should be allowed to have “spare part babies”. It will also discuss further information about these types of babies, the procedure of their production, pros and cons, solutions to the regarding issues and a personal opinion.
A Spare Part Baby (Saviour Sibling/Baby) is a child born with a purpose; they are born to attain specific needs. They are selected through genetic screening to have an inborn characteristic that will help with saving the life of their older sibling, who may be affected with a serious disease which may require an organ or cell transplant to cure them.
Saviour Siblings are produced using In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and are screened using Pre- Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). IVF is a process used to create a child from outside of the body. IVF is a treatment permitted to create embryos; this is done by mixing together the sperm and eggs (fertility drugs are taken to produce several eggs) in a petri dish intended to produce multiple embryos with each being genetically different. The best quality embryos are then chosen and implanted in the woman’s uterus. PGD is a screening of the embryos to prevent any inherited disorders. The procedure usually occurs when the embryo is about 6-10 cells according to size. Acid is then used to get into the embryo and one cell is drawn out; this cell is then screened to identify whether the fetus is a match for their existing ill sibling and whether it will develop a genetic disorder.
Pros and cons are positive (for) and negative (against) aspects of a subject.
Some approvingly agree with the creation of spare part babies because of the reason that before being born, they undergo a embryos screening to prevent ...

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...her argument was the feeling of being neglected if the child was born as a spare part baby. The only solution to the said issue is to not let the child feel unloved. These children should be cherished just as their older sibling that they helped; they shouldn’t be loved any less than they deserve, they deserve to be loved just as equal to their other sibling(s).
In conclusion, spare part babies are a difficult subject to discuss because of the possibility of being reflected as a good or bad person regarding your opinion. In my opinion, it is honestly difficult to make the judgement on whether to be for or against it unless I was in the situation. However, I have come to the conclusion that at this point, I believe in the idea of saviour siblings because they can save a life, in particular their sibling’s life and also because they will not be born as ill children.
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