Pros And Cons Of Soul Food

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Food is an important factor in the everyday human life. Humans need food to be able to live. But how did the food people eat today come about, no one really knows the in depth explanation. What about more common foods that are a part of everyone’s everyday lives, like potato chips. They are a simple, easy snack food that is commonly in every American household. But does anyone know how they came about, who invented them. Well, let me explain a little about who that person was. The inventor of the first potato chips was a man by the name of George Crum. Crum was an African American man who worked at a lodge in New York as a chef in 1853 (Chamberlain). According to the story goes, Crum was trying to invite a smaller French fry that customers couldn’t use a fork with. In the end Crum invited what is now a major snack food in the United States and all over the world. So why exactly did I bring up Crum’s…show more content…
We have all been there! It is the same way with soul food, with benefits come drawbacks. Many will agree that soul food is great and warms the soul of the consumer, but what are some of the drawbacks to eating this delicious cuisine on a daily basis? The one major drawback is that most soul food is prepared with Crisco and other greasy substances used to cook that aren’t good for us. Any person that eats soul food on a regular basis without proper workouts or exercising of any type has an increased possibility of diabetes, obesity, hypertension and other cardiac problems. The article states that this is a major factor in obesity in the African American community and a reason why many of modern blacks have a shortened lifespan due to the consumption of these greasy, fatty foods in a large quantity throughout their lives (Soul). Speaking of modern African Americans, how does food intertwine with the modern culture of African
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