Pros And Cons Of Single Sex Schools

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How do your children handle situations of the opposite sex at their school? How about in life in general? Does your son pay attention to girls during class rather than keeping his focus on his studies? Does your daughter stay on her phone with boys instead of finishing her homework? For strict and concerned parents wanting their children to have a well-balanced education, these things could pose a serious problem. With these realizations in mind, there is a line of understanding of why many parents would believe it best that their children go to single sex schools. But is this truly what is best for your child, to send them to a school where every day there is only the same girls, or the same boys?
There is no escaping it. Boys and girls
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In 1993, American University professors Myra Sadker and David Sadker published their research in Failing in Fairness: How America’s Schools Cheat Girls, which pointed out key differences of how teachers treated students in the classroom. These included the teachers praising the boys over the girls, giving more attention to the male gender than female. So by separating the genders, there is less discrimination, and more focus on teaching single sex students. Without boys in their classes, girls are more likely to be leaders and reach higher levels of achievement, which leads to greater self-confidence and higher professional aspirations. And without girls in the classroom, boys are less distracted from the academic works, and make higher grades in the single sex environment. On a Washington Parent post, an argument supporting single sex education states, “Single-sex education encourages children to take risks in expressing themselves as they learn without the fear of embarrassing themselves in front of the opposite sex.” Being exposed to the opposite sex can be quite uncomfortable and even humiliating for some students, especially if there is the chance that your child could turn out to be
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