Pros And Cons Of Sex: The Benefits Of Tantric Sex

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INTRODUCTION If you consider a new type of approach to sexuality and being on it, your vision automatically pictures your thoughts of different yoga poses and chanting, and your nostrils sparkle, anticipating the incense and fragrant, while an experimental video is playing in the background. Having orgasms and pleasuring yourself and your lover is an important aspect of relationship.
The quest to increase intimacy and create a mind and body connection which can lead to an exciting orgasm should drive one into tantric sex.
Tantric sex gives a better understanding of your sexual life, allowing you to grow in your sex life, that it is beyond your naked body and touching or rubbing together to share pleasure. With tantric sex, you can learn
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Below are some of the benefits of tantric sex.
Improved, Longer and Multiple Orgasms Getting an improved, longer and multi-orgasmic sexual life is amazing, most men gain control while some have experience. This is like becoming a sexual expert, and you will soon learn how to move your energy through your body to gain a super orgasm. Your body system is naturally wired for this, but only few of us have the experience and once you learn this skill, you could have a whole body orgasm multiple, which can make your feelings charged up and lead you to an amazing healing and experience of transcendence. And so, when two lovers who have this skill practise it together, the memory could be incredible and mind-blowing.

A Happier, Exciting and Stronger Relationship
Lovers or partners who engage, explore and practise tantric sex testify of deepened feelings of intimacy, and power to overcome issues better than previous ones.

Loving Your Partner
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You are sure making an investment in the long lasting of your sexual hungriness, your relationship’s strength and your bond to one another.

To enjoy and gain maximum pleasure from tantric sex, you should learn and practice these love making positions and tricks.

The Bow Posture

Here, the lady lies down and the basin will be lifted up by the man. Her partner sits between her claves, crosses her legs, place her feet on her man’s chest and then he penetrates her deeply. The man embracing his lover and holds himself with his knees and feet on the floor, he can move gently and passionately but at a firm pace. The intimacy becomes very deep because of the woman’s position, this can make the vagina to decrease its size during this posture and the man will gain access to her cervix. Thus; the woman may live the cervico-uterine orgasm, a type of orgasm few women can gain.

The Tiger Walk
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