Pros And Cons Of Sex Education

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Sex education is a very basic term used to describe a wide range of programs which aim to impart graphic, detailed, sexual information to our children” (Sex Education). During a sex education course, there could be topics discussed that include sexual health, sexual reproduction, and sexuality. When talking to teenagers about these subject matters, the topic can make parents feel very awkward and uncomfortable. Because of this, parents might be very vague in talking with their children about sex, and possibly might not talk about it at all with them. In today’s world, many children are overwhelmed with sexual advertisement as they see these images everywhere around them. Sexual advertisement is made easily available to children by displaying…show more content…
There are many pros to having sex education taught in schools; for instance, students can be taught accurately how to be safe when being sexually active with their partner. It’s probable that a teenager wouldn’t ask their parents about proper practices to having safe sex, such as how to correctly put on a condom, hence having sex education taught in schools would benefit both the student and the parents. Not only do sex education courses teach students about how to correctly use a condom, but it also teaches them the effectiveness of condoms and how to protect themselves from receiving sexually transmitted infections. Being taught about sexually transmitted diseases and how harmful they are to our bodies could aid in reducing the number of teenagers having sex and/or at the minimum help reduce the number of teenagers having unprotected sex. In addition, “students can be taught the correct terms of the reproductive system of sexually transmitted diseases and contraception birth instead of ‘street slang’” (Sex Education in Schools Pros and Cons). During a sex education course, students would learn about the different ways to prevent unplanned pregnancies, and “myths surrounding sex can be dismissed” (for example, can not get pregnant the first time) (Sex Education in Schools Pros and Cons). At times, various…show more content…
“Most education is taught as a brief interlude in physical education or health class. This is not enough time to relate effectively to serious material” (Sex Education in Schools Pros and Cons). More often than not, some parents feel the teaching of sex education in a few days is enough to educate their children. They also feel this quick lesson learned about sex education would provide their students with sufficient information to make smart decisions about sex. “All states are somehow involved in sex education for public schoolchildren” (State Policies on Sex Education in
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