Pros And Cons Of Same Sex Marriage In Thailand

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Same-sex marriage Same-sex marriage is a marriage between people of the same gender, either as a secular civil ceremony or in a religious setting. There are many countries that allowed same-sex marriage as a legal marriage such as Australia, Netherlands, The united states and so forth. However, same-sex couples are opposed to be married in Thailand for several reasons. Firstly, some people in Thailand believed that homosexuality is immoral because they are against Thai beliefs in terms of value, tradition, and religion. In addition, marriage is associated with some core values which almost all people share together. For instance, Crehan stated that married couples would extremely weaken the vital family values in our society because homosexual couples lack an ability to serve their family to be like a heterosexual family. People always claimed…show more content…
An important aspect of this legal marriage is the necessary for Thai society. One cannot deny that it can enhance the social systems of Thailand. In the past, people also believed in the religion as a majority of Thai share more than reliable things. This abstract belief is supposed to affect human’s welfare because Thai people also express their feeling against someone who differed from them. Therefore, the legal marriage of homosexual will be direct access to political power and reduce the sense of different gander in society. Homosexual will be freer to choose anything that they want to be. Furthermore, people in general can approve with equality right as effective laws. They always think that Thai laws are unequal. It is not only about gender, but there are also the different in status and education. Superior people are also above the law. For this reason, Thai law will be more accepted from people in general as they can receive the fair justices by the

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