Pros And Cons Of Registered Nurses

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When people think of nurses they think of the basic stereotypes portrayed in movies and T.V shows and how all they do is “deliver shots” or “give shots” but in reality nurses do way much more than that. Nurses are in all the most helpful men and women in a hospital, office, school, etc. and without them the workplace would be completely lost because not only is there registered nurses but there are many types of nurses in the medical field. Doctors, surgeons, and other medical specialists admire and value the work, time, and effort of what nurses do for them.
The educational requirements for becoming a registered nurse usually can be done in three ways but depending on the one you choose to take also depends on how advanced you want to get
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Registered nurses also must be licensed.” (Occupational Outlook Handbook). BSN programs take about four years to complete. ADN and diploma programs take two to three years to complete. Bachelor degree programs also include further education in the social and physical sciences, communication, and critical thinking. A bachelor’s degree or higher is required for administrative positions, consulting, research, and teaching. Most registered nurses with an ADN or diploma choose to go back to school to earn a bachelor 's degree through an RN-to-BSN program. "There are three basic kinds of training programs that you may choose from to become a registered nurse; associate 's degree, diploma, and a bachelor 's degree. Deciding on which of the three training programs to pursue depends on your career goal." (Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center) A bachelor 's degree in nursing is…show more content…
"Registered nurses have a variety of tasks to take care of daily. RNs keep records, administer medication, consult with other healthcare providers, monitor patients and educate individuals and family. RNs must also stay up to date with new technology." (Rasmussen College). These abilities help nurses provide the best patient care and support for their families and the best support to doctors and other healthcare specialists involved in the care of the patients. RN responsibilities are different depending on what you know or were taught but often include patient care, advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), acute care, case management, and treatment planning. Besides medical skills that can be learned through a nursing program, nurses must also have a blend of known taught skills such as active listening, critical thinking, social skills, and decision making skills are all very important for nurses. "Registered nurses have numerous job duties that put them in the forefront of the medical field. They not only provide patient care but also help educate patients and their families about health care and specific situations." (Nurse Journal Social Community for Nurses Worldwide). Registered nurses help tremendously for their workplace and also they do not just work at a hospital setting. Common duties handled by an RN include administering medication or
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