Pros And Cons Of Recidivism

Recidivism is when a person who is released from prison and later in life relapses into a criminal behavior. They have been in prison more than once and keep going back to prison for another crime or reoffends such as a parole violation. The main reasons they go back are drugs, trouble finding employment, and being associated with criminal behavior. Released prisoners feel like society is just judging them because of their past. People do not want to hire them because of their background, thus causing them to have no money and not being able to financially support their family. When and if they find a job, some cannot escape drugs or the temptation of doing drugs. Instead of using their paycheck for the better of it, they use all the money…show more content…
These are just some of the things that do not receive support and are more prone to relapse behavior than those in recovery programs. There are many ways to lower or prevent recidivism. Released prisoners need to comprehend that the prison life is not the only option for them. There are so many options and treatments that could be successful if they would only keep an open mind and are aware of what’s out there. During their time in prison they do not get to choose where they live or what kind of job they are assigned to. They need to try to live a better life when they get out, not just for the people around them, but for themselves and their families. They can move forward if they would just follow the simple rules, take advantage of the resources or programs that is being provided to them. Many courts are in forcing drug and alcohol treatment to reduce recidivism rate to try to break a pattern of habits. The treatment consist of them attending classes which offers substance treatment services for some period of the day and return home each evening until the next treatment unfortunately many of them refuse to continue to attend the treatments and relapse into criminal behavior. The community and prisons do what they can to help and provide inmates to adjust to life, but in reality; it’s really up to them if they really want to make the

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