Pros And Cons Of Raising The Minimum Wage

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As of now, the minimum wage is $8.38. According to, a single parent would need to earn at least $10 an hour to cross the poverty line barely. Many people have a false accusation that the average person to be assisted by the minimum wage is a teenager. But by a recent survey conducted by , it shows that 87% of people who are benefited by the raise in minimum wage are above 20 and out of those 87%, 30% have kids that depend on them. The other 11% that are not over 20, are teenagers that work to try and help out to pay the bills in their family. Many conservatives think that, raising the minimum wage will shut down business and drop the economy. That is true, only if we raise it well over $15 an hour. Rather than raising the…show more content…
Raising the minimum wage will have a positive effect on business. An abundant amount of companies believe that increasing the minimum wage would decrease gender inequality in the work area. As supported by Jason Furman, ("Minimum Wage -"), “ [it] is one of the important [reasons]... for inequality at the bottom.” Another reason it would aid business is that it will decrease turnover and increase productivity in the workarea. Researches have concluded that increasing the minimum wage will make employees work harder to keep their job. For example, in the fashion industry, if workers were paid more, it would result in a faster increase in production. Right now fashion is changing at a rate faster than what the companies can provide. By increasing the minimum wage, it would help companies to keep up with the fast pace…show more content…
Nowadays, many employees have to face the crisis of working hard for a very low paying job. They are stuck between two rocks of either choosing to work their blood, sweat and tears into a job to receive little to no pay or living in the streets with no food to feed their kids. For a profound amount of families, they are still in poverty, even though all the family members seems to go to a low paying job. By raising the minimum wage, we can help the family to get out of poverty and reduce the poverty rates. A worker need to make at $15.50 to afford an average one bedroom apartment. Since each state varies, take California for example. In California a worker needs to work 92 hours at $9 an hour to rent a one bedroom apartment. ("Minimum Wage -")The raise in minimum wage would help students and thus increase school attendance rather than working all day. One of the main reason for school dropout is that families don 't make enough money, so they send their kids to go and work. If we can increase the wage, families would keep kids in school and it would result in a better

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