Pros And Cons Of Raising The Minimum Wage

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Minimum Wage Should increase Immediately Should we increase the federal minimum wage? This shouldn’t even be a question at such a low economic point in our country. A country can collapse from its base, and in this case, its base is poverty. Some argue to increase minimum wage because it lessens the income inequality and it would help people out of poverty, while others argue that this increase would reduce many job openings and lead to an increase in the cost of common goods. Some may say that increasing minimum wage won’t help lessen poverty but the truth is what else will? With the inflation rising from 2009 until now it would only make sense that the minimum wage rate follows the inflation rate, but it hasn’t. People on minimum wage can barely make a living and those people aren’t able to advance in making a better life for themselves. The United States of America is supposed to be the “Land of Opportunity” so shouldn’t that mean that the poor should have the opportunity to have a better life and that will never be accomplished making $7.25 an hour. Minimum wage should be…show more content…
In the article “Pros and cons of raising the minimum wage,” Jason Bittner, regional director for Banana Republic, a Gap brand, claims “"It 's the right thing to do for the employees. If you have a happy employee within your stores, ultimately you can create loyalty and happy customers who shop in your stores"(quoted Huppke page 2). The best way to create happy employees is to increase their wage. An employee who is happy where they work is able to enhance and promote more business throughout the company. If an increase to the Federal Minimum wage were to rise to the level of $10.10 that means that employees in all locations of a specific company would be happy thus promoting business all over. It’s a chain reaction from a possible increase of wages to happy workers to happy consumers to more purchases to a booming

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