Pros And Cons Of Public Education Vs Private Education

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For any parent, the decision on where to send your child to school can be a big one. Most times, once your child start pre-k or kindergarten you’d want them to finish with those same classmates, that eventually turn into childhood friends. A lot of research and debate will come up, what district do I live in, what are the schools, are they good schools, will my child be safe, etc. A big factor that sets about one school from another are, private institutions and public schools. Just getting past this step can be difficult with a lot to consider. Just from the classification of private and public education, many people automatically believe that a private education is the better choice of the two. I want to change your mind on that, I know personally…show more content…
David Bauer wrote in his article, “Most Hawaii private schools plan tuition hikes”, “Most of Hawaii’s larger private schools are planning a tuition increase of between 3 percent to 7 percent…”. The article also continues to explain that the cost of attendance has gotten to at least it the $20,000, including Iolani School, Mid-Pacific Institute and Punahou Schools (Hikes). With the cost of living in Hawaii so high, many families want to provide their children with a quality education but are unable to afford it. Hence why, we have the alternative, public education. The No Child Left Behind Law, ensure that families with a low household income with still have quality education available for them (Petranik). Public education does not have a yearly tuition and if applicable, very low fees and fines for the school…show more content…
Will he/she have the tools and resources available to prepare them for graduation, a higher education, having the skills and knowledge to quality for a job, etc. If you went down the road of private schools, rest assure your child will earn a quality education. After reading the article, “Navigating Uncharted Waters”, I learned about a new job title. Denis Uehara writes about her responsibilities and role in the school system as an IR Agent. She shared how her purpose is to mainly collect feedback from parents, students, staff, and faculty on their feelings of the school, the educational quality, extracurricular activities, etc (Uehara). She then uses that data to ensure the school is up to par with the vision and mission statement set by the school (Uehara). Uehara also keeps her fellow peers up to date by publishing her date in the quarterly newsletter published by the school itself (Uehara). Our other option we have of course, is a public school. For some families, they may feel obligated into paying the high tuition cost for independent schools because they believe a public education is not a worthy education. In reality though, the education system for public schools has improved, and I believe with continue to make those improvements. Patricia Hamamoto, superintendent for the Hawaii State Department of
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