Pros And Cons Of Procurement

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As procurement professionals, our task every day is to create efficiencies and best practices when it comes to procuring the supplies and services that are essential to our end-users. Three trends that are burgeoning right now are green procurement, auction procurement, and capital planning procurement. The focus will be on the latter in our discussion, but first I will take some time to briefly describe the other two trends: We’re entering a new era in corporate renewable energy purchasing (Pyper, 2017). Green purchasing has become more popular within corporation and governments. Sixty percent of government purchasers have a formal or informal green purchasing policy in place (Case, 2014). Now that global warming is being taken more…show more content…
The first trend is a greater focus on patient safety and satisfaction. UVA Health System is beginning to integrate bidirectional communications into newly deployed infusion pumps to enhance patient safety (Vockley, 2016). Equipment can be upgraded to be safer, such as a CT scanner’s ability to detect radiation exposure to prevent overdosing the patient. Conducting patient surveys can offer hospitals a view into the perception and overall satisfaction of their treatment. The second trend is a growing attention to the healthcare ecosystem. Purchases must be made with foresight and preplanning and equipment and services should be compatible with all other or most of the other equipment and services currently in use. This will cut down on redundancies, for example, one could buy a specific Ultrasound machine and exclusively use that instrument model for all or most of the hospital. This will save costs in ordering accessories, dyes and…show more content…
Knowing the life cycle of your equipment, warranties, and service coverages allows a hospital or organization to plan ahead with procurement about future needs and they can budget for those needs. Some hospitals also project their healthcare technology needs further into the future, based on their plans to offer new clinical services or serve different patient populations (Vockley, 2016). This trend runs counter to some current philosophies of knowing a fixed budget, then slicing up that pie to various departments who needs to make do with what is

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