Pros And Cons Of Pro Skating

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Pros: it will keep you in good shape, it will keep you out of getting into doing heavy drugs, it will teach you to be more focused and determined to get things done, while your skating it takes all the bad things off your mind and your just focused on doing tricks, it teaches you respect towards people who are just starting out to skate even if they suck and get in your way at the park you still respect them for trying, it teaches you how to just be yourself, you look at things in a different perspective then others like a stair case out front of a building you will think about coming back to it and skating it another day, you don 't do it for the money or sponsors or the attention you do it because you love skating, teaches you to never give…show more content…
What does it take to be a Pro skater: to be a pro skater you need to be good, need to be able to do all the basic tricks, have to get sponsored by companies, put out videos for big brand names to notice you, show up to as many skating events/competitions as you can, skate every day and continue to improve your skills, create a fan base and then more sponsors will start to notice you more, get to be an amateur pro skater first, How skaters are looked upon by other people: they are looked at as bad kids, people that vandalize property, saying they do drugs, saying that they still act like a kid, telling them they need to dress better, they don 't wear there pants right, there shirts are too baggy, there shoes are in really bad shape, always looking for trouble, always getting arrested, going to jail, they wont get anywhere in life, don 't have respect for other people, they wont be able to grow up when the time is needed, Different types of skaters: freestyle skater, vert skater, street skater, park skater, cruise skater, downhill skater, skaters that wear all the pads, skaters that don 't break any laws at all, skaters that break some laws, skaters that don 't wear pads at all, skaters that make an effort to get sponsored, skaters that don 't try top get a sponsor but get one anyway, skaters that show up to all the skating events that happens, slaters that show up to skating events sometimes, people that think there skaters but just have it all just to look…show more content…
Why people skate: the skate community, theres no age limit, theres a lot of conversations to have, theres plenty of different skating groups, all the jokes they have, to progress and make themselves feel good of all the accomplishments they make, there is some many different kind of styles, they do it because its what they love to do, they do it cause they can escape from all the problems for a little while, its a fun hobby to do, its not to expensive of a hobby, people skate cause its a lot of fun, its the best sport around, some people skate cause they wanna seem cool, to try something new, How skaters get sponsorships: gotta love the sport, have good style, have a good attitude of winning that you can do it, make yourself noticed, promote yourself, make a good sponsor-me video, make connections, improve a lot, get together wit other skaters get a crew to make a video all together, different types of sponsorships is flow shop amateur professional, What is my favorite skate brand: Plan B, Alien workshop, Girl, Primitive, DGK, Thunder, Ventures, Grizzly, Diamond, Zero, Nike

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