Pros And Cons Of Pro Death Penalty

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Hosting Death The United States of America is, in most cases, an innovative country because of its educational institutions, career opportunities, and government. However, the frequent and severe punishment of death row sentencing should not be considered so revolutionary. Though several different avenues of punishment are available to the justice system, the death penalty is still used to this day. The death penalty has been used for centuries, but that does not make it an effective punishment. The purpose of sentencing criminals to prison is to not only make the streets safer, but also provide an effective learning opportunity to the inmates. Surprisingly, in Florida alone there are almost four hundred death row inmates. The use of the …show more content…

Those in support of the death penalty cite that there is evidence of it being a warning to other potential offenders, allows the victim’s relief, and creates a just punishment (Muhlhausen). Most research show that there is a substantial lack of evidence supporting this claim. The National Research Council of the National Academy stated this in its report, “The committee concludes that research the effect of capital punishment on homicide is not informative about whether capital punishment decreases, increases, or has no effect on homicide rates.” A punishment is supposed to deter an individual from repeating his or her mistakes or other people committing them. The research on the subject of pro death penalty is not able to support its hypothetical benefits. This should be taken into account when lives are on the …show more content…

Most inmates on death row will remain in prison for close to a decade before their punishment is carried out. Death Row inmates are isolated from all contact to other prisoners and except for occasional family visits spend their time in solitary confinement. Their main escape from this constant isolation is the short hour they have in the jail’s gym or yard. The case of Knight vs. Florida clearly demonstrated how harmful this can be. Knight was on death row for close to twenty-five years and appealed to Florida’s court that this was a violation of his eighth amendment. The eighth amendment states that no inhumane and cruel punishments can be used. (Knight v. Florida) (Breyer). Twenty-five years of solitary confinement should be considered an inhumane and cruel punishment. The prolonged absence of human contact and required isolation is in a way hosting death, leading to depression among death row inmates, suicide attempts, and in most cases is not an environment in which a inmate is punished but rather tortured. Human rights are a widely fought campaign in every country. The loss of basic human rights should be considered when deciding the death penalty as it is a one way path to no redemption. The United Nations created a report called the “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. The list contains what is considered the basic

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that the death penalty should be abolished due to the cost, loss of basic human rights, and lack of evidence that it is a crime deterrent for other potential offenders.
  • Argues that the research on the subject of pro death penalty is not able to support its hypothetical benefits.
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