Pros And Cons Of Premarital Sex

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Pre-Marital Sex This has been a debate an argument for many years throughout families all over the world. As with everything there is a positive or negative side. In this situation, based on this topic people have to examine everything. At the end of the day and based on this topic the bad outweighs the good. Whenever talking about sex, it’s a touch subject that makes some people uncomfortable. Sex does not only affect the one person but it affects each of you and may be in different ways. It affects both parties physically, mentally & emotionally. Sometimes it affects one partner more than the other. There are many problems with having sex before marriage such as, unprepared pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases, morally and religiously…show more content…
That’s ok, I cannot judge those people at all. Instead of having sex in general there are other alternatives or options in mind. Instead of going all out with sex all the time when you have that urge or feeling. In “Bonk chapter 10” they discuss this different alternative and that would be masturbation. This article or chapter is mainly targeting the women in our society that have those feelings but not have sex the answer masturbation. The article is about two researchers who have seemed to have developed a device to help with women masturbate and handle their business. “It is more of a change from instead of physical to stimulus arousal.” (Bonk ch.10 pg2) One woman at the clinical trials for this device explains that “it was functioning more as a long term therapy” (Bonk Ch.10 pg 2) “It’s something you use independent sex, like push-ups or jumping jacks.” As she continued to explain. Another device that was oddly mentioned in this chapter was the use of a vacuum cleaner. Though that would be painful and even cause bruising if you are into that go for it. Even though the mention the price tag on this new device these two researchers have created to be four- hundred dollars. (Bonk chap.10 pg 3) Go for that or find something that is less pricey that will get the job

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