Pros And Cons Of PPACA

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The bad and good of PPAC or commonly known ACA
What is ACA
PPACA or ACA for acronyms, PPACA represent Patient Protection Affordable Care Act finalized with impact of the law to Affordable Care Act. For once, both acronyms did not reflect a word for health or a word for healthcare. How then ACA becomes the law for healthcare coverage. Well to gain the support of the senate, ACA is presented to the people, as an individual benefit for equal health provision for equal coverage is the mandate for healthcare insurance as pledge to close the disparity of the type of health service receive by the poor. According to Glenn Kessler, (2011), for fact checker for ACA quoted the president pledge that “if you like your insurance, you can keep it” for cost
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Is ACA Good or bad for healthcare coverage? You to decide
Is the anonymous view of average Joe and the view of health insurance industries for Affordable Care Act can save individual money, but only if the individual know how it works to make a good choices. A simple subsidy for low income workers would have been a lot simpler. Insurance companies wouldn 't have to make up losses by jacking up costs and the average Joe wouldn 't have to pay a fine for not buying health insurance. I think the biggest problem is the assumption that having insurance equates to having affordable healthcare.
Americans have been barraged because the ACA is built on the premises that health care is not a privilege, it is right and is a requirement for the law available to all American for healthcare coverage create mix feeling is ACA is a curse or a blessing.
For ACA there is more of the negative than the positive for the poor, the independent contractor, the individual, the business, employers and the employees, and the legislature have everyone guessing who the beneficiary of Affordable Care Act

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