Pros And Cons Of Obamacare

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John Haskin McMahon
Mrs. Slay
Honors English III
2 April 2014

“Obama Care is one of the greatest legislative mistakes in our history, a cure that is worse than the disease. Obama Care is a business chiller and a job killer to the very businesses that create the most American jobs. It is costly, vague, dishonest, and burdensome. We can do better.” (Reis 4) Obama Care may provide affordable insurance to some but eventually it will kill business and jobs (“Pros and Cons” 1). Obama Care, also know as the Affordable Care Act, is a poor insurance plan for Americans because jobs will be lost and it will burden small businesses.

The Affordable Care Act violates the first Amendment, It forces religious organizations to go against their conscience and provide free contraceptives and abortions (Kirik 1). Although it might be affordable for some it has many flaws. Obama Care forces people out of health insurance they might have already into an insurance that discriminates against their religion and or even moral values, the mandate forces you to have Obama Care (“Pros and Cons” 2). Some Ame...
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