Pros And Cons Of Nature Vs Nurture

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Nature vs Nurture is a very long living debate that has been on the minds of many who study motor development. This can be a very difficult topic to choose a side to argue for because both Nature and Nurture have very strong points which prove they influence the development of a person. Nature refers to the genetic makeup and genetic relations an individual has linked to their birth parents. Nature is strictly about the genetics and the way these genetics make up and influence the way a person develops, behaves and lives their life. Nature refers to heredity and the traits an individual will obtain from their parents that have been passed down from generation to generation. Nurture refers to the environment one lives in and the experiences…show more content…
The Nurture side of this debate is all based around the way experiences and environment affect the behaviour and motor development of a growing individual. Nurture can be seen to have effects on a developing person as early as the prenatal stage. An example of the way one’s environment can affect the way this individual develops is; a mother drinking and smoking during pregnancy. This prenatal infant will potentially suffer from birth defects due to the effects of the alcohol and smoking on the infant while it is still in the mother’s womb. This is just one prime example of the way Nurture can alter the development of an individual. Nurture is the more important aspect between Nature vs Nurture when speaking about motor development because Nurture and its environmental experiences will have effects on the way an individual learns to walk, coordination of a child and the personality traits one…show more content…
Nurture is more important in child development than nature when talking about coordination because the environment one is exposed to while learning the coordination of their body will play a large role in the outcome of this individual’s coordination skills. For example, the coordination of child “A” while learning to hit a baseball may become more advanced quicker than child “B” due to the fact that this child has access to a play space where this activity can be done more often. This child “A” who has access to playing baseball more often than child “B” will develop their hand-eye coordination much faster and better than child “B” because of their environment. The environment of child “A” allows the individual to learn essential hand-eye coordination skills and practice the motion of learning to hit a baseball. The skills of coordination are all about the environment and side with the nurture aspect of nature vs nurture. Nurture is more important to learning coordination because being exposed to activities and gaining experience in an environment will help ones coordination develop much better than the way genetics can help coordination

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