Pros And Cons Of Medicare

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Medicare and Medicaid are one of important government programs. According to site, there are more than 4.6 million low-income seniors enrolled in Medicare and about 8.3 million people that are enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid. Anyone that enrolled with Medicare and limited income and resources are eligible to get assistance paying for their premiums and out-of-pocket medical expenses from Medicaid. Not only does Medicaid cover additional services, but, services covered by both programs are first paid by Medicare with Medicaid in the difference up to the state’s payment limit (, 2015) . As many are aware, in most cases, when you turn 65, you qualify to apply for Medicare. In most cases, to qualify for Medicare, you need to be 65 and you or your spouse have worked and paid Medicare and Social Security payroll taxes for at least 10 years (Parker, 2014). Medicare is US’s national health insurance program for the citizens and legal permanent residents. Medicare evolved over years and now has four parts. There are mandatory for all to enroll and others are optional.…show more content…
One is automatically enrolled to Part A plan when one apply to Medicare. Part A does not cover doctor’s fees, however, it covers nursing care and hospital stays. It also covers part of home health services, nursing care after hospital stays and well as hospice care. There are no monthly premiums for Part A due to all the payroll taxes paid while one was employed. However, there is a yearly deductible before Medicare covers any hospitalization costs. Part A pays around 80 percent of Medicare-approved inpatient costs for the first 60 days the enrollee is hospitalized. If enrollee stays longer in hospital, enrollee will have to pay a larger
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