Pros And Cons Of Life Without Parole

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pain of the one being killed as well as the ones the defendants have killed as well. Life without parole will give them punishment for a lifetime of pain and suffering. Does it cost do kill someone of course. But if we would take the amount of money that we use each time to kill an individual, millions of dollars could be spent on violence prevention efforts and victim services. To give someone life without parole will not only ease the pain of all families but could make the community health and ease the pain of worry and hate. The death penalty places the focus on the legal and not the human.

Each year in the U.S. children as young as 13 are sentenced to life without parole, there are about 3,000 children sentenced to juvenile life
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But permitting life without parole on children, does threaten the child’s rights. It is the human laws that should permit those who commit their crimes before the age of eighteen to not have life without parole. We are required to follow human right laws as well as federal and state laws when dealing with criminal sentences. Children have the same right as adults but also additional rights. When you look at a child you have to look at the needs of the child as well. All children need protection as they mature. But not only that you have to take into account the physical and mental immaturity, special needs, the care of a parent and how they are taken care of before and after birth. Taken all this into consideration should play a role in the elaboration of the rights and convection of children in their…show more content…
Placing them in prison with adults will hinder their treatment because it is not appropriate to their age or legal status. If we take their age and the fact that we need to promote their rehabilitation children should be commit but focusing on positive measures like education and not so much punishment. Children tried as adults are treated as adults rather than by their age, then given adult sentences, life without parole is mandatory where you are twelve or fifty-five when the crime is committed. Sentencing them at the age of twelve will show there is nothing that can be done to help the child once they become a member of society. It will banish the child and not give them an expression that is places with peers, hard work and time could promote a positive change in the child. The sentence could tell the child as well as society that this child will be rejected and there is no hope they may change their life. So then what do you expect from the child once released into the world, after being held in jail with adults for the entire life there punishment must be appropriate to the age and legal status in order for the punishment to fit the crime and age for rehabilitation. I don’t question the right of society for justice against a child that committed murder. But we have to think about the child and what we will put back in to

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