Pros And Cons Of Juvenile Delinquents

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Abstract The United States incarcerates more juvenile delinquents than any other country in the world. Sending the youth to time behind bars can have either negative or positive impacts on the adolescences life after spending years behind bars. Juveniles as young as 13 years old have been tried as adults. Many of them sentenced to spend life in an adult prison without the possibility of parole. Although the number of juveniles in adult correctional facilities is declining there are still a number of issues juveniles are facing within the system today. The real decision most of us are facing today is whether or not we believe juveniles should be incarcerated in the same facilities as adult offenders.
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Because of the slim options we have today, juveniles were thrown into facilities with the mentally ill, and the violent adult offenders. Thomas Eddy and John Griscom wanted to create a facility to house the juveniles instead of the typical adult prison. Their ideas lead to the House of Refuge creation in 1825. These houses were designed to hold juveniles who were deemed by authority to be on their path to delinquency The House of Refuge was the beginning creation of the juvenile justice system. By the end of the 1840’s 25 or more so facilities similar to the House of Refuge were created throughout the…show more content…
Juveniles are sent to receive psychological, educational and risk assessments to determine which type of facility they will be placed in. the juvenile offenders that are held in long-term confinements are those who have committed a criminal law violation for adults. In the year 2008, there were 81,000 juveniles confined in public and privately operated facilities throughout the United States (Seiter, pg.249). The number of juveniles in residential incarceration facilities is still declining today. Education in juvenile facilities is one of the main focuses, GED programs are almost always offered to juveniles. Vocational training is also a main goal in order to teach the juveniles a variety of skills that would hopefully lead to an offer of employment after they have been
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