Pros And Cons Of Ipad Debate

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iPad Debate

Today’s world is constantly evolving and technological advances are surfacing it seems like every few weeks. Apple has produced the country’s most popular devices and the question has arose whether or not iPads are effective in the classroom. This research project will thoroughly entail the pros of implementing an iPad in the learning environment. As for my personal take on the debate, I side with modernizing education in order to keep up with technology and to preserve the student’s enjoyable learning environment.
The administrative faculty in schools across America is looking for effective ways to make learning easier and enjoyable for their pupils. The world of education is changing at a rapid pace and the kids are spending the
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The iPad possesses many interesting apps that make advanced technology accessible to both teachers and students. In Marla H. Mallette and Diane Barone’s article entitled INTERESTING WAYS TO USE iPADS IN THE CLASSROOM it briefly states that, “When two students who were new non- native speakers of English entered my class, we used iTranslate to assist in conversation. Later we used this app for learning endeavors” (Mallette e BaRONE 622). This is just a particular example of the applications this device has that infuses technology into classroom practices. Marcel Hamel the author of Some Uses for the iPad in the Classroom implies that, “In this article, I will shift the focus more to what you need to do to use the iPad in the classroom, such as ways to project or display the iPad, ways to control a laptop from your iPad, some apps that can be used as digital whiteboards, and finally, a few accessories to give you more mobility in the classroom” (Hamel 31). His article illustrates the direct connection iPads have in different ways of making teaching techniques and classroom mobility

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