Pros And Cons Of Industrial Electronics Technician

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William Gibson said “When you want to know how things really work, study them when they’re coming apart.” By being a technician you get to experience that first hand. A technician is the career where you can express yourself through design, building, reconstructing, maintaining, products, and other materials. An Industrial Electronics Technician prepares diagrams to show how materials are handled and how machines are used. Industrial Electronics Technician is the job fit for someone with a passion for machinery and factory work environment. This career choice has good earnings, good work environment, and other qualities fit for my needs as a technician. Industrial electronics technicians are responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting, and…show more content…
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics “Becoming an industrial electronics technician usually requires either an associate’s degree or a post-secondary certificate.” That will only guarantee an entry level position. There are journeyman level certifications and apprenticeships that can better your chances of getting a job. With every job there are pros and cons. The pros of this technician career is high pay potential like ranging from $50,980 - $58,540 per year. Minimum education requirement for entry level positions. Industrial electronics technicians can work in several different industries. The cons of this career are that there is a decline in employment growth. Working in hazardous materials. Some employers may require a bachelor’s degree or licensure in order to work for their company. To give a more in depth look at the career there are strengths to being industrial electronic technician like having certifications that can help you stand out among others who are competing for the job. A weakness for this job is the minimum requirement for experience. Some employer’s requirement that you had one or more years of experience in order to qualify for the job. There are good opportunities for this job which include the similar jobs in different areas of this field. With all good things comes a threat. The threat for this career is manufacturing industries are

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