Pros And Cons Of Immigration

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America was built by immigrants. From Plymouth Rock in the seventeenth century to Ellis Island in the twentieth, people from every where came to America some were fleeing religious persecution and political turmoil. Most of them came for economic reasons and were part of extensive migratory systems that responded to changing demands in labor markets. In recent year, an increase number of immigration have course many America to believe that the country are overwhelmed by immigrant and urged policymakers to create laws that t discourage both legal and illegal immigrant. The controversy surrounding this and other policies has made immigration one of he most divisive publicly issues of the decade. Pros for Immigration Policies 1. immigrants help built this country (Helps started the industrial revolution. Ex The Chinese helped build the railroad and bridge) 2. Immigrants come to America to start a new life and get a better way of living.(most of immigrant invest their money in the economic, and buy houses and open a lot of business thus helping the economy) 3. New immigrant families use fewer welfare services than the average native families. (Because immigrants don 't receive…show more content…
Buchanan seems to equate "white" with "American," and "Hispanic, black, and Asian" with "foreigner." Unfortunately, Mr. Buchanan is not alone in his opinions. The fear of encroachment by foreign-born Americans is a common one. However, they also bring with them valuable technical knowledge and skills, as well as being "fifty percent more have post-graduate educations" than Americans, according to Simon. The traditionalists opposing immigration must recognize our lives are enhanced by their knowledge and education, and that in order to "preserve our nation", they must realize we are a "nation of immigrants" and let others prove their
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