Pros And Cons Of Human Cloning

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Human cloning is a rising issue that questions our ethics and moralities. The recent ethical issues with cloning has led to the creation of a moratorium on cloning. The debate between allowing human cloning and banning it is still ongoing. Human cloning has many negative moral issues and could harm earth by causing over population, but human cloning has many positive impacts such as lengthening the human lifespan and cloning organs that could save the lives of patients dying from organ failure. Both sides of the argument have a substantial amount of reasoning and examples that explain each side of the debate. Most sources explain how the positive aspect of cloning in humans can help scientific research advance in various ways, where as the negative aspect explains how its morally wrong and could potentially harm humankind.…show more content…
Although the morality behind cloning can be seen in a positive way some religions openly oppose cloning. Catholics and Christians oppose cloning seeing it as a threat to their religious beliefs and values, some religions like Judaism have both positive and negative beliefs on cloning, but most religions aren’t affected by the cloning debate. The morality of cloning can be interpreted in different ways where both the pros and cons have strong reasoning. Cloning can be seen as morally wrong when it threatens religious beliefs and when cloning can cause the suffering of human through experimentation. The morality of cloning can be seen mostly in a positive way where it can be used to prolong the existence of the human race as well as creating stable food sources for humans, for example through the cloning of cattle. Cloning can extend the lives of loved ones, for example the number of accidental orphaned children could be reduced by cloning their parent or guardian, this shows that the morality of cloning has many positive

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