Pros And Cons Of Graduate School

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The goal of this assignment is to enhance my knowledge about graduate school. Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology I plan to get a master degree and then eventually get a doctorates PH.D. Degree in Psychology. I plan to attend graduate school for numerous of reasons. The first reason why I want to attend graduate school is a personal reason. I went to college so that my whole family and especially my grandma would be proud of me. My grandma was recently sick and died 2 years ago and I feel like she would not want me to give up and to keep going so that I can be successful in life. So in other words I want to continue my education so that she would be proud of me as she watch over me from heaven. The next reason is personal…show more content…
I know that there is some pros and cons to going to graduate school. Some pros of attending a graduate school would be an advance in a career. Like I previously stated, a grad degree can open up a wider array of career opportunities especially in psychology, social work, and healthcare. The next pro is Career change. Most people are finding hat their current careers is unrewarding. A higher degree can help transition to another career with a higher pay. The last pro would be a Find teaching opportunities. Not everyone is suited to teaching, but for those who are, getting a PhD can lead to a tenured position at a university or college, with a nice salary, a teaching or research assistant to help with workload, consulting opportunities, and can lead to a nice pension upon retirement. On the other hand a con to graduate school would that some colleges are highly competitive. Some graduate programs always have fewer spots than undergraduate programs. There 's competition for seats and grant money especially in the field of psychology. Also, going to graduate school will added another 2-4 years to be in college which would add more debt in loans. Lastly, going to graduate school would requires the ability to set priorities. Successfully completing a grad degree requires a great deal of discipline and priority setting which can lead to the strain on family and personal relationships, not to mention stress on
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