Pros And Cons Of Getting A Degree Essay

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Getting a degree The goal for any person going into college whether they are coming out of high school or the person who is going back to school later in life is obtaining a college degree. For every person going to college there are different reasons for their choice to get that degree such as, wanting a better life for themselves and their families or they simply just want to enjoy the college atmosphere and the four to six years that they attend. Being able to obtain a degree from a college or university, attracts those who want to get out of the situation that they are in by getting the diploma. The challenges of getting the degree are conquered by the determination of the people going out and getting them. Those coming from deprived upbringings or rough home lives yearn to have a better life for themselves. Going to college from the rough childhood or even adulthood gives the person hope of getting out of the situation that they are currently in. Drugs and violence are a…show more content…
The pros of getting a degree is endless it seems but for most cases it means getting a good paying job in their field that the degree says. Having the degree in the back pocket also brings a sense of pride once it is achieved puts a chip on the shoulder when they walk into the interview for a high paying job. Pride is shown once that diploma is handed over, and will always be a ring around the head of the graduate and that pre mentioned chip on the shoulder will propel them into workplace with extreme confidence. These graduates set themselves up once they decided they wanted to get out of their bad situations or just make an easier life for them or their families. Tough situations arise once the learning process begins in the road to obtain the degree, however, it gets made easier once they network their name out into the campus and the
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