Pros And Cons Of Genetic Testing

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Genetic Testing is the sequencing of human DNA in order to discover differences or mutations that may prove to be pathological. The notion is that the Federal Government should be able to control Genetic Testing and Research. The Federal Government has highly trained scientists that are able to find diseases and cures in no time. Also, they will be providing testing for the people of the United States of America. As a consequence, this will be making the price of testing cheaper because everyone will need to be tested. Furthermore, this will be able to solve problems of tomorrow, meaning, we will be able to find a cure for the world one mortal at a time.
The Federal Government has highly trained doctors and scientists that are the best in the
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Not everyone is privileged to have a private insurance that covers the cost of testing. This means that the Federal Government will have to lower the cost of testing so it will be suitable for all people to pay. This also means that the United States will be more aware of what is happening inside their country healthwise. Moreover, not only will this lead to the betterment of medicines and cures, but technology as well. We are advancing at a rapid pace so we will be able to find cures and be able to find and terminate these diseases faster than we have ever done. If State Government controlled Genetic testing and research they would show favoritism towards their people. Also, they will most likely add more nonessential laws that will benefit only their state. It would be unfair to the other states if certain states had more support. The Federal Government will make all things equal suiting to every state 's…show more content…
This is an issue now because most women are not willing to pay thousands of dollars for a breast cancer genetic test. “If they had to pay the full cost of $ 2,400 for a genetic test for breast cancer, most women (86.0%) said they would not be interested in being tested” (Breast Cancer (Genetic Testing); Women’s Interest in Genetic Testing on Cost 2000). This is an issue because women may carry the breast cancer gene without being aware of the fact that they do indeed have a cancerous disease inside of them. Not knowing that you hold the disease within you can literally be deadly. This is why every woman should be able to have the chance to get tested for breast cancer or any other kind of
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