Pros And Cons Of Free Health Care

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Should U.S have free health care system In this paper, there are 6 sources that have been referred to and explained to reach the consensus on this essay’s thesis statement. The essay thesis statement lies in exploring whether U.S should provide free health care system wherein each individual’s health care need is met without the requirement for capital (Cutler et al 3-25). There is no doubt on the perspective that as per universal American law, American people have the right to free health care. It is alright when the government says that people should work and they will have to provide taxes but when one gets unwell and cannot care for their own selves, then it is essential for the government to step in and do the needful. The control of American currency is the responsibility of the government and their federal reserve’s department with the ability…show more content…
Certain individuals possess insurance while others are helped by the government. On the other hand there are people who need work in a rigorous way so that they can get access to health care but this is in vain as the costs are too high (McNutt 14). The author further instigates the argument that if there were not so many lawsuits within the nation, then so much cost wouldn’t have been charged by the doctors and more people would have managed to go visit the doctor when they require the same. The stance of the author in the article was in favour of the argument that yes free universal health care is a key necessity. The recommendation offered by the author was to make health care free as well as not free in the sense that people should not pay for something that is threatening and they should pay for something that is not threatening their
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