Pros And Cons Of Fascism

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Why Fascism is not all Evil

Did you know that back in the 1930s there were Fascist parties and movements all over Canada? How about the fact that the father of President John F. Kennedy, Joseph Kennedy, was an avid supporter of European Fascists, as was Charles Lindbergh, the famous pilot who made the first non-stop transatlantic flight? Generally, Fascism is regarded as one of the most cruel, unjust and ugly political systems to have ever existed. It is commonly associated with “Hitler’s Germany” or Nazism, a system that involved strong elements of racism and anti-Semitism. What I will argue in the next few paragraphs is that our understanding and knowledge of Fascism is surrounded by many misconceptions, including the fact that the notions
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To begin with, it promotes national unity and patriotism by spending the country's resources on patriotic events such as military marches and parades. At different historic points, patriotism has proven to boost the country's economy and make the government politically stable. Another advantage of the Fascist system is its obsession with the country’s security. Since part of Fascist ideology is the opinion that world peace is impossible to achieve, much of the country’s wealth is spent on its military. This results in the country being much more secure from potential attacks or invaders. The fact that a Fascist state is governed by a dictator means that, unlike in a democracy, the political decision-making process is much faster and simpler. Depending on the situation, for example acts of war, natural disasters, major terrorist acts, etc. this can serve as a huge political…show more content…
This Fascist ideology does not promote cruelty but rather seeks to promote unity, strength and purity. Fascism is a strong and powerful system that instills patriotism and prioritizes military investments in order to increase national security. Though Fascism differs from modern day political systems like Canada’s democracy, it offers unique, exclusive benefits. Historically, Fascism was favored by many notable individuals such as Joseph Kennedy, Charles Lindbergh, etc. It was “Hitler’s Germany” that gave the system a negative image and an unfavorable public perception. By being able to distinguish between Fascism and Nazism, we are not only able to erase the system’s negative association but also combine its benefits with those of other political
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